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  • The machine is designed for cleaning diesel particulate filters in cars and small trucks (due to the large size of the inner chamber)

  • The machine has two modes of operation. Automatic and manual. Manual is necessary for quick cleaning of a slightly dirty filter.

  • Size machine 200x200x95 cm
    Weight machine 200 kg (400 kg with water)
    Power: 220\ 3kwt (max)
    Size tank for clean water 200 l
    Size tank bag filter 10l
  • Test dpf filtet – patent metod. Test 0-100% any model.
    Dry dpf filter warm air 10-15 min automatic dry before test.
     Maybe power water pump 200l min and 500 l/min water flow at the time of water hammer.
  • Air pressure 9 bar (compressor not included)

  • If the particulate filter is heavily clogged with old engine oil, the wash takes 2 cycles – up to 6 hours. And the result is a complete cleanup to 0%. 

    If the filter is 50-70% clogged, the DPF is completely clean in just 2 hours.
  • The machine has magnetic door locks and automatic shutdown of the cycle when the doors are opened while the machine is running.

  • If you install a clean particulate filter, the machine checks it, but does not start cleaning, but prints a report that the filter is not dirty. 

  • If you put on a dirty filter, the machine does a test, then starts cleaning. After about two hours, the machine itself stops cleaning, dries the filter, and re-runs the test. If the filter is clean, the machine prints a report and shuts down. If the filter is still dirty, the machine starts a second cleaning cycle. If, after a repeated cleaning cycle, the filter remains dirty (or it cannot be washed due to the destruction of the filter itself), the machine prints a report that the filter cannot be washed and turns off.

  • The machine does not require frequent maintenance.

  • The warranty is 3 years. Further full service.


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