Today it’s possible!

The sector of restoration of vehicle turbochargers is expanding every day.

Due to the availability of ready balanced center housing rotating assemblies (CHRA) for almost all vehicle models, the restoration of turbochargers has ceased to be the prerogative of large professional companies.

Nowadays, turbine restoration is available to any service center. The bulk of turbochargers for diesel vehicles is made with such an element as the variable nozzle turbine (VNT).

Any repairman at any service station can replace a faulty CHRA and VNT in the turbine.

However, there is one “BUT.” Without tuning VNT and actuator, such a turbine will not work correctly. This will lead to improper operation of the vehicle engine, increased fuel consumption, reduced vehicle power and even failure of the catalyst and diesel particulate filter systems and the engine itself. The result of improperly configured turbocharger is customer dissatisfaction and complaint.

As a rule, the cost of equipment for tuning VNT, vacuum and electronic actuator is excessively high. Conventional service station cannot afford such equipment, and therefore prefers to turn to professional restorers of turbines.

We set ourselves the task of changing this state of affairs and developed several budget stands for tuning and diagnosing vehicle turbochargers. Even the most inexpensive Flowtest stand – 3001 worth 6400 EUR for 100% will provide the ability to fine-tune all vehicle turbochargers with VNT, both with vacuum and electronic actuators.

Our work experience shows that such costs will pay off within about 6 months. Each stand we offer is somehow unique. For the first time, we enable turbine restorers to not only properly and precisely tune the turbine, but also to diagnose its performance and check the flow of oil through the CHRA oil seals.

Creating a line of TURBOLABER stands is the result of our many years of experience in the restoration of vehicle turbochargers. That is why our stands will “share a common language” with your repairmen.

If your company has never dealt with the restoration of turbochargers, but wishes to start this business with quality work, we have a stand for you!

If your company is already working in the field of restoration of turbochargers, but without the stand because of its high cost, we have a stand for you!

If your company has experience in the field of turbine restoration, has equipment for tuning turbines, but this equipment is not enough, we have a stand for you!

Full warranty for all equipment – 10 years.
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